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Crazy Angel Express Tan

The Crazy Angel Express Tanning Solution is specifically formulated to develop within just 2 to 4 hours. I have been spray tanning for over 18 years and love this product it really gives the best colour results...and suitable for all skin types. 

Simply wash off in 2 hours for a light tan, 3 hours for medium and 4 hours for a deeper, darker finish.

This fast-acting formula is enhanced with Crazy Angel Prolong & Protect tanning agent along with Firming Actives to smooth the skin and Hyaluronic Acid for intense hydration. .....

Before treatment. 

For the best result ensure you shower and remove any products from your skin, this includes shower gels. No residue should be left on the skin. DO NOT Moisturise as this will effect your tan result, Try to shave a day before as shaving lines can show if you do it before your tan treatment.

Deposable tongs are provided but you can wear your own underwear/knickers if you wish. 

The  treatment

You stand in the spray tan area which is pictures here. You are then hand sprayed by myself , all instructions are explained on how to stand. With years of experience this is a quick and effective fast way to have a professional tan. 

After care - Keep it on for however long you wish 2 hours, 4 hours or sleep in it for your depth of colour. I recommend you shower ,wash your bits and then out .Don't exfoliate, don't use any scrubs while you have a fake tan , Don't do big facial routines, as again this will take your tan off. 

Great for weddings, parties, celebrations or for an instant pick me up a tan helps you feel better the SAFE way. 

Please remember you can still burn with a fake tan so application of SPF is still required in the sunshine. 

HappyTanning !!!!

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