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What to Expect in the First Session

For your first session I will ask you to fill out a brief (and confidential) consultation form, which is intended for contact information and to learn about you, your health and your medical history. This will also include a Covid19 questionnaire. 

Afterwards, we will chat for a few minutes about this information and what you'd like from the session.

Reflexology is done on bare feet. If your feet are sensitive, please let me know and we can adjust accordingly. It's all about making you feel comfortable, so if there is anything you need or are worried about, please let me know. During the session you will lie on a massage couch ( due to the current pandemic drinking water during treatment is not prohibited as this present time)  - it's very important to drink plenty of fluids (plain water)after a treatment. You can wear an eye mask to relax your eyes if you wish during treatment to help calm your eyes and gain the most from your treatment it is important to remain stress free so mobiles need to be turned off or at least on silent.  

When working on the feet I will use a variety of techniques - some of these are for relaxation but most are intended to address the reflexes of the feet. These reflex techniques typically apply deeper pressure to help stimulate deficient energy flow in the feet, in effect stimulating and relaxing the entire body. If the pressure or sensation is too intense please let me know. Throughout the session I'll feedback to you what I'm finding and which reflexes I'm working on, if you wish me to but it is most beneficial to stay quite during your treatment to enable you to truly relax during your time of treatment and to switch off the day to day stresses of life.

The treatment lasts for 45 minutes - 1 hour, depending on your needs.

You may experience a range of reactions during treatment - this is usually a feeling of being chilled or cold (I have blankets!), feeling light headed or having hot flushes, rumbling stomach or just feeling very relaxed. I have sometimes had clients report that they feel warmth in the part of the body that corresponds to the reflex that I've been working on.

By the end of a treatment,

Clients should feel deeply relaxed and often report getting a great night's sleep. It is important to note that everyone's reactions are different and no matter how insignificant these reactions may feel, they are important because they show how your body is responding to treatments. 

Contra actions during or after treatment

If this happens it shows the treatment is work you many experience contra actions such as sweating of the palms of the hands or soles of the feet, coughing, sneezing,. slight twitching or tingling of the limb or cramp .electric shock feeling in the associated zone and warmth or an easing of pain in the joints. 

You may experience: lethargy or feeling sleepy, having a headache, feeling energised, needing to urinate more often, have more frequent bowel movements, having a stuffy or runny nose, feeling emotional ( feeling emotional can actually happen during treatment so from laughter to crying these are all normal reactions, generally feeling happier, feeling more balanced and able to cope with life's ups and downs. Dizziness is a normal contra -indications to reflexology, simple rest or having a good nights sleep will ease this.

Aftercare , It is recommended you do the following after your treatment

Drink lots of plain water. This will hydrate the body, improve energy levels and flush out toxins. Avoid stimulants such as alcohol, tea and coffee or any caffeine products. These can diminish the effectiveness of the treatment.

Avoid strenuous exercise and rest for at least two hours after the treatment.

Stick to light, nutritious foods, avoid processed foods so a meal light low in carbohydrates after to help your body to heal.

Headaches are a very common. drinking plenty of water after treatment will help ease this.

Further Treatments

A single treatment can be wonderfully relaxing, but the best results are achieved with regular treatments - having a treatment each week for a couple of weeks or so, will help to kick-start the benefits and after that, a treatment once every four weeks works for most clients. Of course, a more intense treatment plan may be required when working with specific conditions. This will all be discussed with you at the time and the decision is yours.

It's my experience that Reflexology is a wonderful treatment for people of all ages to support and relax them, boost their overall health and wellbeing, improve their ability to cope, help them through times of emotional turmoil and also support them with a variety of health challenges as a complementary therapy.

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